Saturday, October 20, 2012

True Sex Stories

True Sex Stories
If you enjoy an erotic story, then make sure to check out our latest sex stories submitted by our real customers below. 

In one of our latest erotic stories- A Fall Surprise, the story begins with a man who is just finishing up some hot and hard yard work to get things ready for winter when his sexy neighbor invites him over for dinner. Things get sensual right away as she opens the door in a sheer white shirt and jeans with holes in provocative places.

In our new story, Neighborhood Sex, a couple decides to explore a threesome in their new neighborhood and partake in some very steamy sex that is sure to make things interesting. 

Read these and many more free sex stories below and if you have one of your own, submit one to us for publication and if we run it, we will send you a free vibrator-

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