Friday, June 29, 2012

Get Your Lover in the Mood for Sex

It can be challenging to figure out a strategy when the fire has cooled in your relationship. Many couples find that jobs, family, finances and other sources of stress can zap them of their sex drive.

This does not even begin to explore other causes such as birth control pills, medications for depression, anti-anxiety and many others. Then there are of course physical contributors such as medical conditions,  poor diet, lack of exercise and sleep. It can be a challenge to even know where to begin.

Read our article on Getting Your Lover in the Mood for Sex for a place to start. It does not have to be difficult and in most cases, it  can be downright fun!

Ride H2O Dude Lube by Sliquid Review

Men are often neglected when it comes to safe, nontoxicsexual health products. For a long time, it seemed that manufacturers just did not think that men cared about their health enough to concern themselves with it. However, we can tell you that with the amount of men that have had battles with testicular cancer, prostate cancer and even fertility issues that contact us daily there is concern.

Parabens in personal lubricants that men use can decrease sperm cell count and spur the development of cancer. That is why we encourage men to use only nontoxic, paraben free lubricants.

One of the biggest concerns for men regarding lubricant tends to be how long it lasts. As Waterbased lubricants are typically not long lasting, men often use oil and silicone based lubricants

The problem with using these is that they can break down many of the sex toys that men use for masturbation. They can also interfere with condoms as well as cause health problems for their partners when used internally.

That is why the new thick, Waterbased gel by Sliquid called Ride H2O – Dude Lube is such a nice choice as it addresses the desire for something that is nontoxic, long lasting and won’t cause damage to sex toys or health issues with partners.

Learn more about Ride H2O by Sliquid – Dude Lube and how to purchase it.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tenga Flip Hole Reviews Regular vs. Lite

Tenga Flip HoleThe new Tenga Flip Hole masturbation sleeves have men giving them very positive reviews and we are happy to carry all of the latest. We had started to carry the Tenga Flip Hole Lite versions, but because they did not get as positive reviews, we pulled them. The feedback on the Tenga Flip Hole Lite models were that they did not give as pleasurable of sensation, they were too small and the lack of buttons did not allow for as much pressure or control. Considering that they are basically the same price as the Tenga Flip Hole sleeves, it just did not make sense to continue to sell them.

Each of the Tenga Flip Holes come in not just different colors but each color offers a different inside design. The unique style of each had us wondering what men would think of the different sleeves and if one would be perceived as more pleasurable than another.

 However, it seems that they are all liked equally. Reviews from men on the Tenga Flip Holes, regardless of the sleeve style selected, consistently came back to us with 4.75 and 5 stars out of 5.

Tenga Flip Hole with Drying Rack and Free Hole Warmer
One question we are asked from time to time is about how long they last. In a video that Tenga put out it mentions using it only 50 times, however, we have found that they last much longer than that with proper use. We have customer report having used them for over a year with continued excellent performance.

They should be cleaned and because TPR silicone is slightly porous, we recommend not using soap to clean it but spray on sex toy cleaner that can be rinsed off. The spray is antibacterial, antifungal and will prohibit such growth on your sex toy. Also, never use any oil or silicone lubricants with them as they can break down the sleeve. Always use a good, paraben free, waterbased lubricant not just to protect the Tenga Flip Holes but also your health.

Take a look at the new Tenga Flip Holes and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Honey Lube & Honey Oil Review

If you are looking for a healthy waterbased lubricant, you should definitely take a look at Honey Lube. Our customer’s reviews as well as our staff have found this to be an excellent lubricant that offers a slick feel that lasts a long time, while offering all the health benefits of honey without being sticky.

The health benefits of honey have long been known, and it makes perfect sense to use them in a lubricant. Honey is a natural antibacterial substance, contains antioxidants and flora-flavones, which help remove free radicals from the body and improve immunity functioning. It has also been used to treat yeast infections, soothe inflammation and irritation and also reduces odor.

Beyond Honey Lube is Honey Oil which serves as a wonderful massage oil as well as overall skin moisturizer. It is silky, not greasy and makes the skin feel heavenly.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sex Tips & Nontoxic Sex Toys

Get free sex tips, sexual health information, nontoxic sex toys and even erotic stories. Tasteful, discreet and perfect for women and couples.

What is the Best Bullet Vibrator

There are many bullet vibrators on the market and due to technological advances in the industry, there are always a new and exciting developments being made.

However, the top rated bullet vibrator based on customer reviews is currently the 7-Function Power Play Vibrator by California Exotics.

We currently have it on sale and provide more information as well as show you the bullet vibrator reviews to see why customers love it so much-

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fifty Shades Sex Toy Rush & Scams

There is a Fifty Shades sex toy invasion happening and it is like nothing we have ever seen. Products mentioned in the books are flying off the shelves so fast that instead of having to have 50 of a particular item in stock in our warehouses, we have to have over 3,000 in stock just to meet the demands. It has been an amazing phenomenon and we are certainly glad that there is an interest in such products. However, we hope that customers will not just buy things without really understanding their options because an educated consumer is an empowered person.

Not all sex toys are alike; some offer more bells and whistles through luxury sex toys, while others help one stay within a budget (sex toys under $25), while still offering a quality product. We offer only nontoxic sexual products that are made by reputable manufacturers and we even have a three strikes rule, which means that if a product gets three bad reviews, we pull it. We do this as we don’t want to waste our customer’s time, money and trust on something that will let them down.

The main problems we have had reported to us, are those customers that come to us after being taken advantage of from an unethical sex toy store. We have had people contacting us telling us that after they purchase a sex toy from another company they find out that it contains toxins or that it was four times the cost or that the sex toy store would not honor a return even if it arrived broken or defective. We have even heard of some sex toy stores selling used sex toys.

For example, one customer said that she purchased an item for $70 when we charge $36.99 and have a price match guarantee. Then, when they opened the package, the contents poured out in pieces and the store would not take it back or issue a refund. We had another customer say that they gave them their information and then they started getting porn sent to their email and fliers sent to their house. The worst complaints are when we hear from customers that tell us that it was clear that another sex toy store sold them something used with reports of pubic hair or worse on the sex toy.

Therefore, we want to let consumers know that while it is great that you may be considering becoming more sexually adventurous with sensual products, please make sure you are dealing with a reputable company when you purchase them.

Below are articles that we have put together to help consumers better understand what they should look for when doing business with a sex toy store and buying a sex toy. After all, as we always say... education means empowerment. See articles here-

Tiani 2 by LELO - Review

First, there was the We-Vibe by the Standard Innovation Corporation, which presented itself as the first couple’s vibrator that could be worn during sex as well as for solo masturbation for women. It was low in power and was eventually discontinued as many women found it too low. They later released the We-Vibe 2, which had more power.

However, in a market that is very competitive, the sex toy company LELO came out with a vibrator that went beyond the We-Vibe 2 allowing consumers to see a different design with some more advanced features, such as a remote control up to 39 feet and power that surpassed the We-Vibe 2 through a sex toy called the Tiani.

Shortly after the Tiani was released by LELO, the We-Vibe 3 was released and while it was more powerful than the original We-Vibe and the We-Vibe 2, it was similar in power to the Tiani. However, it did not seem to fair as well as it did not have as much range with only 10 feet versus the Tiani, which had a 39 foot range. The Tiani by LELO took over as the leading vibrator for couples who enjoyed using it during sex, but also used it as a panty vibrator that allowed them to use it alone or in public for sexual experiences that no one around them knew was going on. What was most impressive about the Tiani was that it had a remote that could be controlled with just a flick of the wrist as it had technology that allowed for some of the most advanced functioning out there.

The only consistent complaint that consumers had about both the We-Vibes and the Tiani were that sometimes, they would move around during sexual intercourse. Decreasing lubrication around the contact points and in some cases using crotchless panties allowed that to decrease. However, most couples reported really enjoying these products overall.

Now, the Tiani 2 has been released and it is not only available through our Holistic Wisdom website, but is on sale. The Tiani II has 50% more power than the original Tiani and yet remains very quiet. The Tiani Two also now comes with an added attachment that is slightly wider, reduces the issue of moving around and it provides increased stimulation and pressure on her gspot, while giving the clitoris outstanding performance with multiple speeds and functions.

Make sure you check out the Tiani 2 to see one of the most luxurious sex toys on the market today.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sex Machine Reviews

Sex machines over the years have become increasingly popular. With the advancements in technology, there have been some that have left users with multiple orgasms and some that are the most intense of their life. Sex Toy Machines can be used both alone for masturbation and with a partner. In fact, many use sex machines with a partner as they can allow one partner to receive stimulation and the other to watch and even receive stimulation from their partner or the machine as well. These machines have given couples intense stimulation options that have proven to be quite popular.

The one drawback to most sex machines is that they tend to be quite expensive. Recently, there have been some smaller versions that have come out that offer a smaller price tag without compromising the power. The Rock Box by Love Honey is an example of such a sex machine.

The most popular of sex machines have long been the Jetaime and the Sybian. They do very different things and therefore, they are not really competitors of one another. The Jetaime offers thrusting and can be used in combination with other sex toys, while the Sybian is a strong vibrator that moves back and forth to provide a completely different type of stimulation with a variety of attachments made by the manufacturer. Both can be used vaginally and anally.

Sex Toy Machines do not always work or are safe to use. In fact, there have been quite a few sex machines that are quite funny to behold and in some cases are downright dangerous. Here is a list of such products- Sex Machine Fails (shown at the bottom of the page).

Should you or your lover decide to get a sex machine, make sure you purchase from a reputable company. The last thing you want to do is to provide your credit card information to a company that is unknown or suspicious. You can also get free shipping on some of them when you purchase them with Holistic Wisdom, so make sure to check out that option as some of the shipping costs, due to the size of these sex machines, can be quite expensive.

The Fifty Shades Influence on Erotic Stories and Sex Toys

Erotic stories have long been loved by many readers, although many times they were divided into two categories- Romance or Porn. Sometimes, they fell in-between into the category of Erotica, and nothing is more evident than that through the Fifty Shades book series by E.L. James. Upon reading this type of literature more women and even men are realizing that a healthy sexual appetite in their reading is also desirable in the real lives.

Like never before, women and men are buying the sex toys in this book and at times we have found ourselves running out of stock on items that have never been low before. Since the Fifty Shades books popularity has grown, we have had to order even larger shipments of sex toy to our warehouses to keep up the huge demand.

What we have found is delighted women and their partners all over the world realizing that a little healthy, erotic fantasy can provide inspiration for creativity through masturbation and sex with a partner in ways that they had never considered before. It has increased the desire for better sex education on sexual techniques and a hunger for more erotic stories to delight readers. Fun, fantasy and creativity are always a plus in the bedroom and there are many ways to explore that.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Intimate Organics Massage Oils Review

Not all massage oils are created equally. Many on the market today contain toxins in them, however, even those that do not may be overly greasy, have too much or too little fragrance or even feel tacky on the skin.

One of the best massage oils on the market today are those made by Intimate Organics, a company that cares about their consumers by using the very best certified organic ingredients. Intimate Organics Massage Oils come in six different scents that are so unique that it would be difficult to find such exquisite blends elsewhere.

The oils themselves offer a smooth feel that is not at all greasy. While it lasts long enough for a lovely massage, they easily absorb into the skin leaving you feeling soft and smooth. They are fantastic for using in the shower or bath for skin that is supple, healthy and smells wonderful.

The scents are extremely enticing and creative-

Relaxing - Lemongrass & Coconut
This has a soft and light hint of lemon with a creamy coconut scent. It actually is true to the name and has a relaxing aroma-therapeutic effect.

Sensual - Cocoa Bean & Gogi Berry
This is not your average cocoa, this is smells like a truly rich chocolate and berry cake with no artificial scent to be found. It is one of the truest cocoa scents we have encountered.

Energizing - Orange & Ginger Root
This is a bright and happy scent that really invigorates the senses and provides a feeling of happiness.

Awake – Black Pepper &  Grapefruit
This scent offers a sweet grapefruit scent that is quite enticing and fun. While, you cannot smell the black pepper, you can enjoy the health benefits of it.

Blush - Sweet Floral Peony Blush
This scent is a lovely floral bouquet that will remind you of a rich, floral garden.

Chai - Vanilla, Cinnamon & Ginger Root
If you love chai then look no further as this is so true to the scent of Chai that it will make your mouth water. One of our favorites.

Learn more and purchase these amazing oils-
Intimate Organics Massage Oils

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